About MetaBIM

MetaBIM is a project which has aims to ease the process of the implementation of BIM collaboration strategies for all parties involved in construction projects.

The project will initially focus on UK BIM stage 2 compliance, with the automatic generation of templates, and automatic checking of compliance. Automatic compliance checking will be performed through use of automatic character recognition software, along with automatic language processing. With the information processed in this way, rules and criteria will be applied to the data in order to determine whether or not a particular project is BIM compliant.

The scheme will deliver a web-based compliance checking platform in which project stakeholders can upload their documentation and models and compliance checks can be performed.

Once this software is fully tested it will then be extended to include other national BIM standards for compliance checking. This will be of particular benefit for trans-national projects. A 'meta' standard for compliance checking will then be produced.

MetaBIM Key Goals

Deep analysis of ISO 19650 for BIM compliance

Automatic compliance checking and template generation

Harmonisation of different national BIM standards

MetaBIM project partners

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